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WUXIA3I  TON  HTT^IBOLBT.                    40J>
intercourse with the court.    His Intimacy with,  the
crown prince had never been interrupted,         from
that period the king         an annual visit to his for-
mer minister in TegeL
Humboldt's worth had "been much acknowledged
and remembered during the first months of the year
1823, and the public expected that lie would be now
selectee! as tlie leader of the state. The state chan-
cellor, prince Hardenberg", had died at Genoa in De-
cember, 1S22. Herr YOU Voss? who was appointed
Ms successor., at that time enjoyed the perfect confi-
dence of the king, and had catered into the active
service of the state a few months previously. But
"Yoss died on the 30th January ? 1S23, and the king
was in great embarrassment whom lie should select
for the important post of prime minister. One man
whom the king had. in view, the field-marshal count
Kleist von ^STollendorfj died three weeks later than.
Toss. Tiie embarrassment increased. A conversation
has been communicated to us "which the king at
that time had with his most confidential counsellors.,
but as it is a verbal communication, we do not give
implicit confidence to it. It is, however, in part, con-
firmed by documentary evidence.
The king gave an audience to the Prince "Wittgen-
stein, General von Witzieben,          the councillor
Albrecht. He spoke of the of the minister
"Von Toss, and continued : " I have for some weeks
considered how the post <*f Herr von Toss, whose
death is greatly to be regretted, Tbe iilled. Of all
the persons whose position fits them for the post, the
lainister von Humboldi is the most capable^ but he
enjoys so little confidence abroad, that lie        ia no
way be thought of, I have gone through the list of
all my ministers, and have come to the conclusion
that Count Lottum Is the most appropriate. 2fow,
tell me your opinion/*
A.lbreckt." If your majesty cannot take the mini-
ster von Humboldt, i also believe that Count Lottum
is the most appropriate."